Temporary staff and outsourcing

Flexibly scale staffing, work by design and optimise labour costs. By outsourcing the employment and hiring of temporary workers, you will be able to quickly adjust the size of your workforce to meet your company’s needs.


 Comprehensive range of employment outsourcing and temporary staff hire.


As a temporary employment agency, as part of the services, in addition to finding seasonal employees, we also hire them with our company, taking over responsibilities related to their settlement, as well as personnel and payroll. You flexibly adjust the headcount to the volume of work and receive one summary invoice per month for the services, without increasing your own headcount.


We are also ready to assist you when you need to carry out certain tasks but do not want to employ an additional person in-house. Outsourcing employment ensures that in addition to finding the employee in question, we hire them formally with our company which provides you with services associated with a specific process. Temporary work and employment outsourcing has never been so easy with #JobhouseTeam!

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