Hire on a permanent basis, fill vacancies with top talent. Whether you need to hire one or many new employees, we know how to reach and engage the best candidates in the process. As an employment agency, we have been operating in the market for more than 11 years and permanent recruitment is our speciality! Sounds interesting?


We run the recruitment process from A to Z. We select the best candidates for all job levels, regardless of industry. We search mainly among so-called passive candidates, and we also use our candidate database, responsive job advertisements and social media campaigns.


At Jobhouse, we also focus on headhunting! Do you want to hire someone from a particular industry, company or maybe you even know the name of the perfect candidate? We will research the companies in your industry and available candidates. We will contact them and convince them to participate in recruitment.


GUARANTEE – We give a 3-month guarantee (if the person does not perform or resigns during the trial period we will repeat the recruitment process free of charge) – calculated from the start date.


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