Exela Technologies x Jobhouse – we have recruited over 1,000 employees

Does cooperation with an employment agency have to be limited to searching for employees? No! We have a long-standing business relationship with Exela Technologies, which continues to grow. Not only have we worked out a number of successful recruitment processes together, but we have also supported each other in business development decisions through the arrangement of employee-related processes.


Exela is a business process automation leader. It uses proprietary technology, continuously enhancing quality, productivity, and end-user experience. The company serves more than 4,000 customers in 50 countries, including more than 60% of the Fortune® 100. Exela’s services include solution suites addressing finance & accounting, human capital management, and legal management, as well as industry-specific solutions for banking, healthcare, insurance, and public sectors.


History repeats itself


The first contact between Natalia Bogdan, CEO of Jobhouse and Adam Szuchnik, Director of Central Europe at Exela Technologies, was 10 years ago. After receiving his education and the first years of career development in the UK, Adam Szuchnik returned to Poland with the intention of continuing to work in his profession.


Adam Szuchnik: - I returned to Poland. My family had grown, so I needed to stabilise quickly. The return to Poland was quite a big clash. I had to go back to the Polish market and sell my skills on it. The reality was harsh. I had the pleasure of coming across Jobhouse, which was recruiting for the position of logistics manager at Pika. Ms Natalia personally managed this recruitment.


Matching Adam Szuchnik as a candidate was a hit. The cooperation between Jobhouse and Pika grew, and Adam climbed the career ladder, continuing to develop his knowledge and experience. Over time, he decided to relocate to Toruń where he was employed as Digitizing Operations Manager at an international company in an industry related to Pika. This was Opus Capita, which was later bought by Exela Technologies. Today, Adam is already Director of the whole of Central Europe.


Needs grow as the company grows


With a portfolio of more than four thousand clients spread across the globe, Exela requires a streamlined and thoroughly considered model for working with candidates. Adam Szuchnik quickly saw an opportunity in working with temporary staff.


Adam Szuchnik: - People outsourcing did not yet function in the Polish market at all. Overseas, temporary workers are a staple – to start a career, everyone starts as a temporary worker. Then, after a year or two, you can get a full-time position in the company. I immediately thought of Jobhouse! I opted for temporary workers who are paid hourly wages.


Excel Technologies’ needs are not unique in the market. Companies’ need for employees is often not constant throughout the year – nor is the amount of revenue. This is why many companies choose to periodically hire temporary workers during periods of peak demand. This is the model we have developed with Exela Technology.


Natalia Bogdan: - We helped build the entire model of cooperation with candidates, from the recommendation concerning contracts through the remuneration system to employee development paths – all with the aim of optimising costs, being efficient but also building efficient processes within the company.


Trusted partners in development


Despite the challenges brought by the local labour market in Toruń, we maintain our cooperation with Exela at a high level. We recruited effectively both when the demand was 15 and 130 people. Our cooperation is developing together with the growth of both companies and changes in the market, both legislative ones and those related to the availability of candidates.


Natalia Bogdan: - As recently as 8 years ago, at the beginning of our cooperation, a Jobhouse consultant had to personally come to Toruń and sign piles of documents with employees, then the same was true when distributing payslips. Today, everything happens automatically, at the touch of a button.


Exela has opened up to new solutions, recommended by Jobhouse, such as the decision to recruit part of the team working fully remotely.


Natalia Bogdan: - Had it not been for the cooperation with Jobhouse, Exela would have had to significantly expand its own HR Department by at least several people. We relieve the Client of both staff recruitment and HR and payroll processes. We recruit both data processing employees and candidates with more niche skills, for example, Team Leaders with fluent Swedish or Systems Engineers for Exela’s German company.


We highly value our cooperation with Exela Technologies because we know they care about employee development. People recruited with our help have the opportunity to be promoted at various levels within the company. Many temporary workers are offered permanent employment directly with the Client.”


Temporary workers, de facto employed by the Jobhouse agency, are also treated on an equal footing with those employed directly in-house at Exela – they receive exactly the same benefits.


Exela Technologies also acknowledges that the cooperation with Jobhouse has been and continues to be a worthwhile investment.


Adam Szuchnik: - Jobhouse is an efficient company that responds quickly to customer needs. Natalia’s team is constantly looking for ways to relieve us of the daily workload. This is not a company that just looks for orders and then gives up once they are completed. Jobhouse is constantly working with the Client, is close to them and really wants to help. Decision-making at Jobhouse is swift, in no other agency have I encountered this, there have always been some problems. At Jobhouse they look for solutions not problems.


We have recruited over 1,000 employees


We won’t say we have achieved success – because we are still achieving it! Exela’s partnership with Jobhouse allows us to respond quickly and effectively to the company’s emerging recruitment and HR service needs. To date, we have been able to recruit more than 1,000 employees for Exela, of which more than 400 have been taken on permanently by the company over time. We are not just a recruitment agency, but a trusted development partner. We flexibly adapt to the needs of our Clients, which, as the case of Exela Technologies demonstrates, promotes the development and optimisation of the processes of the companies that use our services. Only a business relationship based on trust allows continuous improvement and joint development.

Date last modified 15.02.2023
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