Case study Baukrane x Jobhouse – how we built a specialist team

Baukrane Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of modern formwork systems and a supplier of comprehensive crane solutions – tower cranes and lifts. It provides modern and innovative solutions widely proven by practitioners and developed by a team of top Polish engineers. The company operates globally, with a strongly developed import and export department and e-commerce, enabling purchases from anywhere in the world.


Today, Baukrane is a team of more than 200 people, who for several years have been continuously improving their competence in order to provide its Clients and Partners with quality, services and support at the highest level. It has four branches in Poland: in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Wrocław and Kraków.


They believe that motivating work has a direct impact not only on customer satisfaction, but above all on the employees themselves. They consider a satisfied employee to be a good and effective associate, so they strive to make employment conditions as attractive as possible, and provide opportunities for both professional and personal development.




When we started working with Baukrane, we were faced with the challenge of effectively recruiting and building a specialist team in the areas of HR, Logistics, Customer Service, for the Trade Support Office, Controlling and administrative and commercial support.


The company is constantly growing, adapting to digital transformation and changing market conditions, scaling. It optimises its processes and business model to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Baukrane was looking for a partner that would help them build a specialist team, but would also understand their needs and industry.


As part of our cooperation:

  • we carefully analysed the Client’s needs and built a cooperation model so that we could gain an in-depth understanding of the Client, the specific nature of work, the expectations placed on candidates, the formal requirements but also Baukrane’s organisational culture and values;
  • we analysed job descriptions, agreeing with the Client the most relevant competences, and, based on these, we prepared advertisements and selected sources of candidates;
  • we carried out a market-based salary analysis and recommended salary levels for individual positions, which not only made it easier for us to reach the candidates, but also ultimately resulted in a lack of turnover within the team;
  • within the recruitment process, as part of the price of the service, we placed and regularly refreshed advertisements on all possible job portals, we also contacted people from our database, verifying key competences;
  • we prepared a communication strategy for social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram);
  • in order to reach the best specialists, we used the method of sourcing candidates through direct search;
  • we prepared evaluations of the submitted CVs, conducted interviews with selected candidates and provided our opinion on the best ones directly to the company.




We successfully completed all recruitment processes and expanded the Baukrane team to include seven new specialists. We recommended the first candidates already in the second week of our cooperation. With our experience and broad contact database, we are able to act quickly and effectively. All candidates underwent a probationary period in the company.


- Baukrane is a Client who, some time ago, outsourced one recruitment process ‘on a trial basis’ to us. This was recruitment for the position of Chief Accountant. After we had successfully selected the right person, the Client came back to us with further recruitment-related issues. It is very nice when Clients come back and our cooperation develops and we change our relationship from a client-supplier relationship to partnership or even friendship relations, as in this case - says Natalia Bogdan, CEO of Jobhouse.




 - When deciding to use external recruitment, we were looking for a partner who could help us build a specialist team in a fast-growing company who would not only be specialists in their field, but above all fit into our corporate culture. We had worked with other agencies before, but it was Jobhouse that showed us what effective recruitment and cooperation should look like. The candidates provided by the agency were perfectly matched to the positions and our company. Jobhouse understood our needs thoroughly, the recruitment was quick and, importantly, I had direct contact all the time, not only with the recruiter but also with Ms Natalia, the company’s CEO. At each stage of the cooperation I felt taken care of. I would recommend the Jobhouse agency to anyone looking for a partner to grow their business - says Monika Raszeja-Załęska, Head Office Manager.


Date last modified 15.02.2023
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