Babyliss x Jobhouse - we have been working together continuously for 5 years

Babyliss, a brand of Conair Corporation, is a global manufacturer of high-end professional hair care and styling equipment, including hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and accessories. Babyliss has been offering a diverse range of products for over 50 years, meeting the needs of today’s women and men.


The company operates in 61 countries worldwide, has 4 development and research centres and sells on average more than 2.5 million hair dryers and more than 4.5 million styling appliances annually.



When we started working with Babyliss Polska, we faced a specific challenge to build a business model that would relieve the company as much as possible of its duties related to recruitment, employment formalities, employee settlement and reporting, and bring additional benefits in the form of cost optimisation.


As part of our cooperation, we are responsible for:


Recruiting individuals for specialist positions related to sales, e-commerce, accounting and marketing. We thoroughly discuss job descriptions, agreeing with the Client the most relevant competences and, based on these, we search for candidates using the direct search method.


Outsourcing - we have built a cooperation model in which we nimbly combine external and permanent employment, taking care of the needs and sense of security of both parties – the Client and the employees. In the external employment formula, we work with brand ambassadors, hostesses, promoters and trainers, who can combine work with study and other activities thanks to flexible forms of employment.


Payroll - we are responsible for the full HR and payroll services for all company employees. We prepare all employment-related documents, we also handle day-to-day payroll services and the preparation of tax and social security information. On an ongoing basis, we prepare reports and simulations for the Management Board and company headquarters.


Consulting - we inform the Client in advance of significant changes in legislation and ensure that their actions are in line with current labour law. We also provide the Client with our recommendations related to the level of remuneration for each position, which allows the Client to build a strong employer brand and reduce turnover in the team.



In the very first week of cooperation, we established a relationship with the Client’s team, audited their needs and checked their existing HR and payroll documentation. We quickly recommended the most optimal cooperation model and implemented improvements. We reduced the workload of the company’s employees as much as possible, optimised labour costs and took over responsibility for conducting operations in accordance with current legislation.


If the Client decided to carry out the services we provide internally, they would need to expand the team to include at least 3 people: a HR Business Partner and 2 HR and Payroll Specialists, which would entail a cost of approximately PLN 30,000 per month. The cost of our services is more than twice as low, in addition to being dependent on the number of tasks and people employed. This allows the Client to respond flexibly to the changing needs of the company, while eliminating the risk of turnover and absenteeism in the team.


We appreciate working with Babyliss very much. It is very pleasing when a Client starts working with us on one project and then finds that they are so satisfied with the services that they entrust us with further areas, eventually outsourcing all key HR tasks. We have been working together continuously for over 5 years. After such a long time, we understand each other practically without words. I am very grateful for our close relationship and the trust we have been given - says Natalia Bogdan, CEO of Jobhouse.


Why does the Babyliss brand recommend working with Jobhouse?


I find the cooperation with the Jobhouse agency ideal and cannot imagine working with anyone else. The Jobhouse team always gives 110%! I value them for their commitment, competence and professionalism, great communication and speed, but also for sharing their knowledge. Whenever there are any changes to, for example, the Labour Code, Jobhouse is already prepared for them and I receive an email with guidance on how we will adapt to these changes. When I look for a salary benchmark, Jobhouse provides me with a salary report. I don’t have to worry about anything, I work with real professionals - says Grzegorz Chmielecki, General Manager, Babyliss Polska Sp. z o.o.


He also adds: Jobhouse sells real support for business development and is knowledgeable not only about recruitment but also excels in HR and payroll. These are the real experts of the labour market from whom others can learn.

Date last modified 15.02.2023
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